taxi APPs

Go Smart! Be Smart! Be fms Smart!

The smartphone has fully entered the taxi market. In Europe we were the first to introduce a smartphone app for ordering a taxi with some of our customers in 2009. Due to the increasing popularity of iPhones and Android smartphones, the app is well-established as a communication channel for dispatch centers. According to recent figures in Germany far more than 50% of the population already has a smartphone. Forecasts say that in 2016 over 70% of all mobile phones will be “smart”.

Our smartphone solutions support the entire spectrum for customers and drivers, and taxi service becomes an entertainment-experience for the customer:

⋅ taxi hire

⋅ processing of collecting trips and AST

⋅ payment through customer accounts

Driver can not only participate in the trip dispatch, but also access the complete information system and process payments in the fms DriverApp:

⋅ complete driver terminal for Android Smartphone

⋅ integrated information system

⋅ intuitive handling

⋅ color coding system according to the order status

⋅ multiple trip memories

⋅ integration with navigation system