Car Equipment

Adapted to and integrated with our smart fleet management solutions, we offer a wide variety of equipment for the vehicle. The result is a modular end-to-end solution that is unique in the market.

X700_und_DBGESome key points we combine in all our vehicle solutions, from integrated terminal via the touch screen up to the Smartphone solution:


⋅ logical intuitive operating concept

⋅ touch-screen finger operation without stylus across the in-vehicle temperature range

⋅ real-time information system

⋅ voice, data and SMS communication in multi-mode

⋅ Fully integrated order processing

⋅ payment processing

⋅ integrated navigation with route guidance based on trip data

⋅ taxameter integration

⋅ alarm integration incl. camera connection

⋅ fms.incar information system and driver statistics

⋅ in-car advertising