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More customers. More trips. Increased competitiveness.
 … fms is used in 131 dispatch centers in 10 countries.
Our smallest dispatch centers operate 10 cars – our largest dispatch center manages 6000 cars. fms is the best fit for every size and need.
… fms is used by over 160.000 drivers operating 62.000 cars.
The fms market share in Austria and Switzerland already exceed 80%. In Germany and Netherlands our customers handle over 60% of trip dispatch.
… with 2.900.000 downloads the fms taxi order APP is one of the leading taxi APPs in Europe.
Customers using our APP constantly place multiple orders per month, and the network effect of international use of taxi.eu trips is growing.
 trips dispatched via fms total 170.000.000, and trips handled via fms exceed 300.000.000 – every year!