About us

1982 Austrosoft® Weiss was established in Vienna. A direct dial system for regular customers – the pioneer of today’s automatic booking solutions – marked the starting point of a growth to the European market leader in end-to-end fleet management solutions for the taxi sector and courier services.

In 1986 the first taxi of today’s CC taxi Center 40100 & 60160 was equipped with data radio and data display and switched to data trip dispatch. After several years of mixed voice / data operations, the last voice radio vehicle was converted to data radio in the 90s. The fleet now comprises 1,800 vehicles and is still the market leader in Vienna.

As early as 1989 additional centers were contracted in Austria, and in 1991 the move to Germany and Switzerland followed. By 1995, sixteen centers were already equipped with the fms system. In subsequent years, five to ten centers annually adopted the fms solution, so that today more than 130 centers operate in 10 countries operate our solutions.

In 2001 fms GmbH was formed as a subsidiary following a management buyout. The close collaboration between the two companies ensures a new dynamic in the development of fleet management. The direct coordination of various hardware and software modules today secures a modular end-to-end solution that is unique in the market. The intelligence of the total solution goes beyond simple feature lists, and assures the users, i.e. dispatchers, drivers, receptionists at the hotel, private clients, taxi operators or central conductors, optimal support and automation in their working area.

Since then we have grown to the market leader in Europe, supporting 131 dispatch centers in 10 countries.

This is fms end-to-end fleet management.

Intelligence from experience.