Integrated Billing

Get your money faster !

With thousands of rides and diverse billing options a fully integrated billing solution is a prerequisite to receive your money quickly. Already during order entry, options are available  that you need for later financial billing. Missing values ​​are requested from the driver during trip completion, fully automated so that you can instantly bill regular customers, credit card companies or medical insurance service charges. Manage your open positions, post incoming payments and start your reminders directly from the integrated system in which you also manage your fleet.

⋅ fully integrated billing, dispatch and callcenter solution

⋅ billing for customers and contractors

⋅ customer billing including cost center management

⋅ voucher management and billing

⋅ free layout builder to match your corporate identity

⋅ export to financial reporting and banking

⋅ consistent usability and data management


Add-on modules available for card management for customer cards and credit cards, including clearing and settlement with credit card acquirers. Produce your one-time vouchers or value-vouchers cost efficient and fully flexible, including individual ads. Code your chipcard or magstripe card yourself before handing to the customer, according to his individual needs. Your special service for competitive advantage.