Dispatch Solution

Smart taxi dispatch has 3 letters: fms

Center piece for smart taxi dispatch is the fms dispatch fleet management module. Currently in use in generation 8.7.x in dispatch centers all over Europe, fms is packed in various modules according to your individual needs.

fms Dispatch is the core of the solution with over 2000 parameters to configure your perfect dispatch solution. Here you manage your vehicles, drivers, frequent customers, commercial partners, billing partners, etc.. Here you control your fleet and dispatch attributes, and access various statistics for corporate supervision.


fms Route is the solution for trip optimisation with multiple pickup and/or destination addresses. A fully integrated route optimisation module accepts new trip requests any time online and combines those with already existing trips for cost-optimised optimum.


fms Internet covers all options for modern electronic communication with your business partners. Trip order portals with different management options for direct billing, contractor and owner portals, driver portals and the WebDispatcher that enables dispatch from external workstations.